Le Concert dans l'œuf

It is no longer the Sténoflex, the pinhole and the travel mini lab, reference in the best bookshops, from the Jeu de Paume to the MAC Sydney.
Eric Marais, its inventor, indeed maintains a passionate link with pinhole. Instinctive designer, he reinvents the forms and applications of this historic case. The exhibition Instant continu reports his latest research which gather together into a single object, the shooting device and the photographic work.

Le concert dans l’oeuf series focuses dramatically this quest for refinement. Simple eggs are used as optical chamber, then developing chamber, and finally support for printing the image. Each photograph, unique, reproduces a fragment of the painting Le concert dans l’oeuf attributed to Hieronymus Bosch, which includes a dozen characters in a huge egg shell. A delirious work, plenty of details, on which stops the work of Eric Marais. The viewer discovers his small prints, delicate, like a cabinet of curiosities.